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Thank you EVERYONE for your contributions! Without all of you guys, wouldn't even be a netzine~


Griffinheart- formatting the Netzine, putting it together
Kommeo- tips and some interview questions
Meap & Cheese- interview, article, chaos
5P33D5- 3DS article, quotes
Clover- PotM article, tips
mir5671- fanfiction
SharlottCrain- interview
Reao- TotM article
jc3- interview
Blaze- quotes

Art Spotlights
- Darkness Wolf
- Bluey
- Delthero
- Amber Latias
- Glassman
- SharlottCrain
- Griffinheart
- Nellie Lovett
- Shinto
- Kale12321
- Meap & Cheese
- Baby Showers

Pokémon Art
All credit goes to the original artists!
Fan work is awesome ^_^
Most were found on pixiv.net

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The Snow Paradise

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