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Random Generators

Bumble Rumble
Let's get ready to RUMBLE! Go head to head with your friends in a randomly generated battle royal, complete with arenas, and hilarious powers.

Lolita Print Name Generator
If you ever need inspiration for creating a cute lolita dress/skirt print, this is the place to come. Quiz your friends and see if they can tell the difference between the random names and actual brando print names!

Family Guy Joke Generator
Remember that one time when Johnny Appleseed started a meth business with Frosty the Snowman? I don't either! With this Family Guy style joke generator, you can be at the top of your pop culture and historical reference game.

Quick, use your Diabolic Slicer of Dawn to attack the Golden Deathfire Phoenix! I'll finish him off with a Requiem Wave spell! Get your own weapons, spells, and monsters ready for battle with these helpful generators:
RPG Weapon Generator
RPG Monster Name Generator
RPG Spell Name Generator

Character Trait Generator Need some help getting the start of a new OC? You've come to the right place. Each character has a weakness, something they can't live without, and a general character trait.

Games & Databases

This game is currently available for just .99 cents in the Android marketplace! Link leads to our little promo vid. Check it out. It was a labor of love. If enough people are interested, we can add more unlockable content in the future. 

Cake Eater
Our goal with this game was to make a game that only required 1 button to play. It was a spur of the moment idea, but we decided to finish it anyway. It was also a great example of how even the most simple game idea can become complicated and time consuming.

Zatch Bell Card Game A team of Zatch Bell enthusiasts have been working on this plug in for quite some time now. We have a dedicated web page for the card game, complete with rules and a master card list. Go check it out! It's continually being updated :)

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