Bumble Rumble

Generate a fighter. The generator will add one upside and one downside to your character. Debate with your friends who would win in a fight against their character. If you don't know your character too well, feel free to generate a new fighter. Always assume your character is out to kill, even if they're normally passive. They would be in character otherwise.

What is a battlefield? This optional is a location that your characters will theoretically fight in.

What is a victory condition? Instead of every character fighting to the death, this optional can turn the game into anything else! Discuss who could win a hotdog eating contest instead! Who would win in a race?

What is a random event? This optional can add more variety to your battles by throwing in random events. Assume the text is going on while your fighters are duking it out. It could be gamechanging!

What is this number next to my optionals? Each optional comes with a priority number. The person whose number is highest is the one every player plays with. If it's a tie for highest, everyone generates a new condition until there's a winner. Alternatively, you can just use the number generated and the winner can name any victory condition. Or just designate one player to generate optionals. Or a voting system. It's up to the players to decide!

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