Cake Eater was made by just 2 people; Clover, the artist, and Charles, the coder. Our goal was to make a game that only required 1 button to play. It was a spur of the moment idea, but we decided to finish it anyway. It was also a great example of how even the most simple game idea can become complicated and time consuming.

Programs Used

This game was originally created in Construct, but we decided to switch over to Game Maker due to program limitations. Construct is great for people who aren't too code savvy however, and we do recommend trying it out!  
As for art, basically everything was drawn and colored in Paint Tool Sai, then final touches were done in Photoshop CS2. It's a totally free, older version of Photoshop, so why not pick it up? If you can understand 1 version of photoshop, you can pretty much get them all :p So have fun!


Cake Guy: He doesn't actually work at the factory, so he's taking advantage of infinite cakes while he can.

Cake Makers They have trained for years perfecting their cake decorating techniques. They have become so quick at it, they can easily add finishing touches to large cakes as they pass by in the factory. They've become so involved in their work that they don't even notice the new guy's...techniques.

Cakes: The first 9 people to post a score over 1k get to name the cake types :) Is it strawberry, cherry, or some other frosting flavor? You decide!