~*~ About SweetCharm.net ~*~
I registered this domain back in 2008. It's changed a lot over the years, and I've played with other hosting services years before ever coming here. You can view my past layouts below to see the progression over the last decade or so. It's only more recently that I wanted to start documenting things better, so I've been working hard on this site. I wanted to reflect the style of the webpages I visited back in the early 2000's (think geocities, or any older Japanese website with "sozai/material" pages, webrings, etc) There were just SO many sites I loved visiting and exploring that I finally wanted to make my own. With the "neocities" movement, I feel like there is still a great and active community of people who want to keep the "old web" alive. I'm happy to be a part of it!!
This site will be a collection of everything I like from fandoms, music playlists, secret pages, games, art, and more. I have never been great at sticking to just one style or theme, so be prepared for some randomness as you explore. I'm currently in semester THREE of nursing school with just semester FOUR to go. I'll do my best to keep adding little updates in between my study sessions :)

This page last updated: September 9th, 2023

Here are some old layouts and splash screens I've used. I've had many other sites throughout my life, but unfortunately I don't have any screen shots of old homestead or geocities pages I might have made. Trust me, none of my past sites were very "finished" by any standards, so I think now is as good of a time as any to actually document what I'm creating.

Clover's Pokemon Village (2009-2011ish)
clovers pokemon village
You can view this here (be wanred many links are broken)
This was such a fun site to work on. I loved making little secrets and things to discover by interacting with NPCs of the town. Dream Weaver really helped me organize all of the images too. This was the site that actually spawned a Pokemon forum that I managed for a few years. It was so active and fun, we were always making art, doing little competitions, talking about the new games, and just chatting int he "xat chat" XD Good times. I moved to Japan for about a year for study so I was not longer able to maintain the site. When I returned, priorities had changed of course u_u

Galaxy Sugar (Pre 2019)

You can view this page here: https://sweetcharm.net/amai/aboutme.html
I threw this layout together and basically used it as a catch all. I was at first designing a page where I could sell products, but then I realized it would be really cumbersome to actually manage those products...years later better platforms to actually sell items came out but by then I had moved on. I also linked to other things like my DA, had a small bio, and linked to projects I helped Charles with that he primarily coded and managed. It was just a landing page really that I never did too much with.

Sakura (June, 2023)

You can view the page here: https://sweetcharm.net/.CuteDesktop/Website/oldlayouts/2023Summer.html
ABOUT: I wanted a retro feel while also maintaining a cute and pastel pink aesthetic. I got the computer image from a bomberman game image file, and edited it to be a little more customized. I also put the "enter" text and eventually the text below it at a slight slant, which I really like from a coding perspective. An entry chatroom was also available there. This specific image of Sakura is on an old planner I got in the late 1990's. I still have the book actually though its split at the binding due to the puffy plastic material it is made of. To me, this image of Sakura represents true nostalgia.

TV Girl (June/July 2023)

I wanted to keep a "retro but kawaii" theme so I played with an AI image generator for a while and got this. I kept taking what it generated, added things, removed things, etc then finally added finishing touches and changed up the color pallet (plus edited some funky stuff out by hand in photoshop). Overall I like the aesthetic of these soft little computers. The anime style face coming out of the screen was really unique to me, I might have to come back to this idea or offer a "your character here" type of commission for it. I put the webpage "neko" in the top left corner of this one. You could add as many as you wanted!!!

Blue Angel (August - September 20th, 2023)

I drew the angel girl myself in paint tool SAI, and created the enter text in photoshop then put a light bobbing animation to it with graphics gale. I also have a link to my RPG club that I started up, a time and date stamp, plus I joined a jfashion webring that is linked towards the bottom of the page. I also put a "click to enter" text because sometimes images mess up and its just nice to have a more clear text version of something.

Carousel (October 1st, 2023 - Current)

I joined another webring and included it on this splash page. I removed the weird chat that I didn't really use and put a cursor trail effect. I also removed some text that was previously there. The carousel is from that dress up game love nikki or whatever (never played it XD) but I found the asset on spriter's resource. There are some really pretty assets from that game, you should check it out. Also, my html editor basically gave me a freaking heart attack when I was editing this. I had it all done and was about to go do something else, then suddenly the code deleted and the file saved....and everything was gone. I LUCKILY had a tab of the splash page opened, so I immediately downloaded it and was able to recover it. (still had to replace all the image files though lol) ugh... it was so frustrating.