Clover's Mini Blog

February 9th, 2024

Okay I finally got COVID lol. It just took til everyone considers the pandemic largely over for me to finally test positive. I had been around people who had it in the past but never tested positive myself. I'd say it lasted about a week for me. I'm still kinda clearing my throat and waiting for my nose to stop being completely stuffy but I'm mostly better. I decided not to go to clinical today because I was still testing positive and I just really worried about the patients. Anyway, We just finished exam #1 for the last semester and I got a freakin 95.15%!!! So happy about it the score because it's a topic I have zero interest in actually working in...maternity....=w=;

Well, the winter was pretty mild. It's almost time to get a summer intro page ready. Tropical Gyaru-style let's GO!!! I also decided to quit my job until I actually get my license. I just felt like it was too much going on this semester. I basically only had 1 day where there is nothing scheduled, and the night-shift clinical really made working weekends difficult considering I have iaido and karate on weekends. So yeah, no work for a while, just school! I actually had a dream where I accepted a position working on this specific floor. It's like a surgical trauma unit so the patients have pretty complex cases going on, and you only are assigned 2-4 patients MAX. It's very interesting and I know I could learn a lot there, but I need to practice at a slower pace first. I don't want to eff up my license right off the bat after all :) 

One last update, I got approved to be a vendor at RetroWorld this summer! I'll have a table and me and Charles will be vending some of my goods n' merch...including these cute Pokemon paint-pen drawings I did ^^ I need to take pics of them all and post them here before I sell them off. I also need to put a few more modded gameboys together to sell, but I'll have time this summer before the convention starts. That's about it for now ^^ see ya later!!

January 16th, 2024

A new year, and just ONE MORE semester to for nursing school! I just had a really nice winter break where Charles came to visit for a few weeks, also my sister who lives in Ireland visited with her whole fam, so it was a busy and enjoyable break as well. We were supposed to have school today, but it snowed so online and in person classes were canceled. We should have lecture tomorrow though, plus orientation to our clinical sites on Friday (I got the absolute LAST of my picks,,, Friday nights >_>; I asked specifically for any day BUT Friday, and any times BUT night time...OH WELL!!!) I got a head start on some studying during the break and the "off day" today, so I feel pretty good going into the semester. 

Anyway, I'll be going to California for spring break to see my brother's house and spend time with my mom who is watching his 2 dogs for a week. After nursing school graduation, I will have a Summer Special training (for karate) and after that, we are doing a short trip to the South of France for a week or so for a 60th anniversary Karate event! It will be a few practices, but dinners/gallas/etc in fancy mansions xux;;; So cool. We are renting an air bnb and the whole family will be there for a reunion kind of thing. That's the update for now! I hope to work more on this site during the semester if and when I get some free time. Winter is a perfect time for indoor crafts and hobbies I always say. OH I almost forgot, I also started Iaido! (Japanese sword drawing/slashing techniques) It's so cool, and it really echos some things we do in karate as well. I'm only going once a week right now for times sake, and because it's pretty hard on the knees for the first two kata lol. Okay ttyl :) Be well~

August 25th, 2023

School is going to start soon AAAHHH!!! That means lots of studying and stressing about tests ;D In nursing school, you have to maintain a 77% exam average or you must leave the program. No pressure. The farther you get into the program the more intense the idea of being kicked out is. I've heard of some people needing to leave due to life circumstances, and they were able to be readmitted....but I'm not entirely sure if they do that if your grades are bad. Yeesh. At least one person broke a bone in their finger or wrist, and due to this they were unable to wash their hands properly when attending clinical. This caused them to be expelled from the program :( How horrible....hopefully I don't break anything in karate lol

Speaking of that, I attended a Nagewaza/Nage no Kata (throwing techniques) 2 hour class yesterday led by a godan-level blackbelt near the boston area. It was very informative and my mom and dad both attended as well. My dad was there pretty much to walk around and help instruct, and I got to work with my mom for "Funakoshi's 9 throwing techniques". These are higher level throws that we teach black belts in karate. So difficult. It's funny because we focus so much on punching and kicking, it's considered "high level" when you start doing grabs and throws. However if you start out with Aikido or judo, you immediately get into falling techniques, throws, grabs/releases, etc...then LATER you learn how to punch XD Priorities.

So it took me a good 7+ days to get over my cold. While coming out of the cold I have been putting things away from the move, deconstructing boxes, and making FURNITURE!! lol. Oh my god so many allen wrenches. Putting things away has been hard because I don't want to just carelessly toss things onto a shelf. First I position the furniture, then I walk into and out of the room a few times, and just feel the vibe of the room. I decide if that's where the furniture makes sense from a feng shui/flow perspective, and ONLY THEN do I actually start putting items on it. When I'm putting my collection and display items out, I often change their position 3-5 times on just a single shelf. I consider larger vs smaller objects, color, texture and themes of the objects, and so on. When I look at a shelf, I want the things on it to be like a little art piece or mini gallery that is pleasing to the eye. (You can see why it took a long time to unpack...) I also wanted to make sure I have room for more things that I'll inevitably collect at thrift stores, antique stores, comic cons, online shopping, and more. Despite having so many knick knacks, I actually donated a good handful of ones I no longer cared for and boxed up other parts of my collection to sell at comic con next year. Let me tell you, I GOT STUFF TO SELL lol. Can't wait for comic con ♥ Oh, I even parted with a few items from my lolita collection that didn't "spark joy" any longer and listed those on lacemarket. I need to go through and maybe make a few accessory lots to tone down some of my bow/clip/pin collections.

That's about it for now. I need to review nursing math because we are literally having a math exam day ONE when we get back to class. Good times. I'll see if I can get pics of my home decor and displays up later.

August 8th, 2023

I wanted to have a little spot on my site where I could just pop some life updates once in a while. I kept feeling like I wanted to add them to the "site update" section, but it really doesn't make sense there. So here we are!

I had a few weeks break from working on this site this summer because my friend Charles came over to hang out. We went to Salem, practiced karate together, and generally just chilled and ate yummy foods. The last few days of him being here, I actually closed on a house that was just built for me over the last 7ish months (the closing happened a full month later than we were originally expecting), so we were focused a lot on paperwork, getting boxes moved over, making sure the money transferred successfully, and so on.

Basically right after Charles left, my throat starts hurting and my nose is all stuffed up. I desperately want to get back into my regular workout routine, but I'm feeling so tired from being sick. (I pretty much only get sick like once a year, and this one was really mild compared to others I have. It never actually turned into a full blown cough which was great.) The energy I do have is focused on getting boxes opened and things put away. Charles helped me assemble things like the new birdcage, tables, chairs, and he helped me clean too!

My mom and dad are also AMAZING and they helped me move so much stuff. My mom cleaned the floors a bunch and my dad helped me hang things and did some gardening clean up. He also helped me water my lawn as it just got a layer of grass and clover mix put on. They also got me a new vacuum, a new security camera set up, helped me pay for literally everything, let me use tons of supplies, and were just very excited for the new property in general and seemed to enjoy helping out. (My dad is retired so he has time! lol)

I had a break from house stuff to go in for a day of work last Saturday...and wouldn't you know it? THREE of my eleven patients were testing positive for covid XD Lovely! It definitely slows you down when you have to suit up for airborne precautions with an n95, gown, and goggles, just to drop a food tray in a covid room. Good practice though. I've been around various people who have tested positive for covid before and never actually tested positive myself despite mild symptoms. I made sure to get my vaccines, and I believe it helped make things not blow up too bad. I hate feeling sick and getting coughs, so ANYTHING I can do to prevent that I will do. I've also been taking my vitamins, doing the netti pot, and drinking lots of water ;) Even when I'm a bit sick I try to do some light stretching and at least 10-15 minutes of some weights or something. I think the movement helps.

Mom and I are going to Ikea tomorrow, and I know I'm going to want to buy everything lol. I do have some priority items, like drawers for clothes (I don't hang EVERYTHING I own, some things I like putting in drawers...) Anyway, karate is going to start in a bit so I'm going to go change and get ready for that. ♥