OK Listen... I really like frogs. I don't know why, but I feel like I was a frog in a past life. Whenever I see little ponds or puddles surrounded by lush clover and cute little mushrooms, I could just see myself taking a peaceful nap there. I've always loved water as well and I love sitting in the tub for hours and hours. At my new house, I live by some wetlands so I am blessed with little froggies who help me out by eating bugs. I don't love bugs...at least not as a human since they aren't my main source of food and all that jazz. ANYWAY here are some frogs I've collected, drawn, etc. If I'm missing a source link just let me know. TANKS! ♥


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keropiPixel Frog donated by Nazuna

Favorite Frog Characters: Keroppi, Slippy Toad, Frog Chair from Animal Crossing

Things I associate with frogs: Water, mushrooms, clovers, buggies

Did you know? In Japanese, the word for frog is Kaeru which also means "return" so they are a sign of returning fortune or prosperity. 

3d frog

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