About Me

Hey there! My name is Clover, and you've stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. I've had this domain registered for quite a while, back in 2009 I believe. I mostly use it to help host things for others, but I also like putting my own little inspirations and collections here.

I have a few goals that I'd like to accomplish in my life, so let's list em here ;3

First, I want to own my own gaming lounge/cafe within the next 3-5 years. A place where people can hang out, rent console stations and/or private rooms, eat snacks, drink, and chill with friends. I already have a ton of ideas and plans written out for it, and I've worked in a few restaurants now, so I feel like I just need to save money and it can totally happen.

Second, when I'm older (maybe 55/60+ assuming I live that long) I'd really like to relocate to Japan. I've lived there for a year when I was in school studying, and I'd just really love to go back for more than just a visit. I'm not sure how I'd legally stay there with visas (work visa?) but I'd really enjoy going back and living in a simple small home or apartment. I have recurring dreams about traveling there, so it must be a sign right? ;3

Alright let's get all listicle up in here. THINGS I LIKE:
--Nintendo, League of Legends, TF2, Overwatch,
--Cosplay, crafting, art, painting, spriting/pixel work, sewing, resin casting, traveling, exploring, animal training


Will you draw me something? - Most likely! My commissions are usually open unless crazy stuff is going on in my life. (Moving, finding a new job, etc) Just check my deviantart commission page and post a comment!

Do you ship outside the US on your etsy? - Yes. Etsy should show you your adjusted price, but if you aren't sure please contact me via etsy for an estimate! I also combine shipping there.

Can I suggest an addition or fix to your website? - DO IT!!! Send me a message whenever and it shall be noted ;3

Will you put a permanent link to my shop/blog/etc? - If I like the site, sure! Give me a link, and for a mega cheap yearly price you can permanently be on my home page. I'll check in with you each year to see if you want to maintain that same link, remove it, or change it.

My question wasn't answered here! - Just drop me a line :) I'll respond as soon as I can.

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